Network consultation and services.
For small to medium sized businesses, we realise that the jump from single machines to a fully fledged network can seem a little daunting. We at GROUP IT LTD specialise in the full range of IT solutions required by your business.

We can if required connect all your stand alone machines into a local area network, train your onsite staff to maintain and run the network for you, provide and install virus/ spam filtering software and install software/ hardware firewalls to help protect your network from unwanted intrusion. Our cost model approach will provide high specification computers, at low prices. We can if needed also provide file servers solutions for centralised data storage in your office.

Website Design & Promotion
In todays modern world, it should now be clear that all businesses need a web presence. It is now common place to have your web address and email address on your business card. Without a website, one of your main marketing tools would be missing. Your website, is your 365 day a year business advertisement available in full colour, world wide.

Our site design service starts with a simple 3 page website, ideal for small businesses, or simply getting your feet wet in the internet world. This of course can be added to later with more pages, shopping carts, or anything else you would require.

Search Engine Submission
Adding your website to the search engines can be a slow and tedious business and are you sure that your website is search engine friendly? Our team of experts, analysis your site and give you a report on recommended changes to help you list better on the search engines. We will then if require submit your site to over 600 search engines and link lists giving you maximum exposure to internet traffic.

Site Hosting
We have very flexible packages which should sort out most peoples hosting needs, however if our packages don't meet your needs let us know and we can do something for you. All of our services are run on dedicated linux servers, giving high performance on a very stable platform. This means that you can be assured that your corporate website will perform to a high standard, no matter how much traffic your site receives.

Bespoke Interactive Web solutions
Our team of programmers are at your disposal. From a simple form or counter to a fully fledged unique software solution. We can build it fast and at a very reasonable price. If you already know of a script you require we can install it for you (within reason), or if required modify current perl/PHP scripting to enhance its current functionality into something that you really need.

Ecommerce & Shopping Carts
Our own unqiue shopping cart solution is both simple to use and effective. We have a number of stores already using our cart, taking hundreds of pounds of sales each week. Our cart solution can be plugged into your existing site, or we can build a site around our cart solution. Contact us to get your goods online.

Internal work solutions (Intranet).
Do you need a centralised software solution for your company? An intranet is a fully fledged software solution for handling your companies data. Your users access their data, and perform their work via a web browser. As the service is run on your network, screen updates are instant. Need to add another worker, no problem. All you need to do is add another machine to your network, set the web browser to your internal server and away you go. Easily updated and maintained, our solutions can always be built upon to ensure ultimate flexibility. A soution which changes and meets al the needs of your business, no matter how your business changes and grows.

Domain Registration
Why have only one front door to your site? With more than one domain, you can double or even triple the amount of visitors you recieve to your site. Contact us now for a domain registration quote for your site.

Fly Pages
A fly page or doorway page is a page cleverly designed to list better in the search engines. These pages are doorways into your website. Bringing customers into your site. If you want to have a high traffic internet presence. Then you need our Fly page solution.

Logo design
Do you need a new corporate logo designed from scratch? Our low cost corporate design logos are suitable both for print and for web, giving a proffesional look and feel to your business. We can also provide links to our partners who can then provide your logos into stick pins and badges, along with letter heads, business cards and full colour printed brochures if required.

In esssence, whatever your business needs from the IT world, your solution starts and ends with GROUP IT LTD.

For more information on our services please use our enquiry form on the contact page. If you wish to talk to a representive do not forget to include your contact number and we will be glad to call you and answer any questions you may have.